Making delicious Lebanese cheese fatayer with easy to find cheese and store-bought dough.

Closeup of 2 open and 2 closed Lebanese cheese fatayer (feta cheese and parsley in a pastry crust) on a black plate.

Don’t be put off making Lebanese cheese fatayer by the hard-to-find cheese and time-consuming homemade dough. Easily accessible alternatives can work deliciously too. What is a fatayer? A fatayer is like an open savoury pie or turnover. Made with a bread-like dough, and filled with a mixture of meat, vegetables or cheese, they originated in … Read more

Discover what’s in a spicy homemade lime pickle from Goa, Kerala, Sri Lanka & more

Top down view of a glass bowl full of pickled limes surrounded by quarter-cut limes.

A lime pickle is one of those classic side dishes that you’ll find served with a curry at Indian restaurants all over the world. It’s tart, spicy and delicious. And it’s not that hard to make at home. But for something that seems kinda simple, there’s a lot of regional and individual variation in recipes. … Read more

Everything you need for an authentic Malaysian chicken curry AND Malaysian curry powder

Closeup of a white bowl full of curry with chicken pieces and potatoes.

If you’re keen to try making an authentic Malaysian chicken curry at home, but think you’ll need a lot of unusual ingredients, don’t be put off! You can make a rich and creamy kari ayam with very few uncommon ingredients. Malaysian food is a wonderful blend of the country’s population, with strong Malay, Chinese and … Read more

How to reverse sear chicken breasts (the magic of juicy AND brown)

Closeup of a golden brown reverse-seared chicken breast glistening with juices.

It’s a popular technique with thick steaks, but have you tried to reverse sear chicken breasts? Now you can finally unlock the magic combination of beautifully browned AND juicy chicken breast. Done right, chicken breast is succulent and juicy, and beautifully brown and crisp. But because it’s so lean, and often quite thick, the “done … Read more