Baked Ham: Learn How to Cook a Ham in the Oven (How Hot, How Long and More)

A spiral-sliced baked ham on a white plate with wedges of orange and lemon.

If you’re wondering how to cook a ham in the oven, it’s easier than you think. And basted with a homemade glaze, it’s a delicious and impressive festive centrepiece. Whether it’s for Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas lunch or an Easter feast, baked ham has a special place in many family traditions. And because it’s so popular, … Read more

Master the soft-centred, crispy-coated pavlova for a show-stopping dessert

Closeup of a vivd white pavlova topped with red and black berries and mint leaves.

Pavlova has an incredible mix of textures and tastes that nothing else can match. Crispy coating, marshmallow inside, and cream and fruit on top come together in a way that’s difficult to describe. Like so many baked goods, pavlova can be temperamental, meaning you should follow a recipe precisely. Sounds straight-forward, until you realise there … Read more

Explained: delicious gravy without drippings (and how to make it ahead)

A white gravy boat full of brown gravy with a roast turkey in the background.

Purists may scoff, but you CAN make tasty gravy without drippings. And understanding the foundations of good gravy will help you make it exactly how you want it. To help explain how a gravy comes together, I’ve gone through thirty recipes for gravy to figure out what the different approaches are, which are the most … Read more

The most popular ways to make southern cornbread dressing

A white baking dish full of golden yellow and brown cornbread dressing with a blue spoon sticking out ready to serve.

Cornbread dressing is a classic southern side dish for any holiday feast, but especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whether its an old-fashioned recipe handed down from your grandmother, or a more modern version, it’s very popular, and for good reason. Because it’s so popular, there are different versions favoured across the south, and even more when … Read more

The best way to cook prime rib (traditional vs. prime rib 500 rule)

A sliced prime rib roast, pink on the inside and golden brown on the outside.

Prime Rib makes for an incredibly succulent and flavoursome beef roast, but it’s an expensive cut that you want to be absolutely perfect. So what’s the best way to cook it? A traditional oven roast, or the popular “foolproof” prime rib 500 rule? To help you decide which approach is best for you, I reviewed … Read more