8 of the Best Chicken 65 Recipes

A white bowl full of pieces of dry Chicken 65 on a tray with a wedge of lime.

When I did the research for my ultimate guide to making Chicken 65 at home, I reviewed almost 50 different recipes. I obviously haven’t made them all (or even most of them), but some stood out to me for a variety of reasons. Read on to see which were my favourites, and why. What is … Read more

The Secrets Behind Crispy Dry Chicken 65

A white plate full of bright red dry Chicken 65, garnished with onion slices and cilantro.

Chicken 65 doesn’t have to be complicated. Marinated in spices and fried until crispy, it’s a delicious treat with no further steps. What is Chicken 65? Chicken 65 is India’s version of Southern fried chicken, Korean fried chicken or Japan’s karaage chicken. Pieces of chicken are marinated in a mixture of Indian flavours and spices, … Read more

Make delicious Caribbean seafood curry the right way with Jamaican curry powder

A skillet full of Caribbean shrimp curry garnished with cilantro and a wooden spoon resting on the edge.

A Caribbean seafood curry is the perfect match of earthy spice, creamy sauce and delicate seafood. But what’s different about a Caribbean curry that makes it work so well? To understand what makes a Caribbean curry tick, I reviewed 16 recipes for Caribbean seafood curry. They were a mixture of Trinidad kingfish curry, Jamaican fish … Read more

Making delicious Lebanese cheese fatayer with easy to find cheese and store-bought dough.

Closeup of 2 open and 2 closed Lebanese cheese fatayer (feta cheese and parsley in a pastry crust) on a black plate.

Don’t be put off making Lebanese cheese fatayer by the hard-to-find cheese and time-consuming homemade dough. Easily accessible alternatives can work deliciously too. What is a fatayer? A fatayer is like an open savoury pie or turnover. Made with a bread-like dough, and filled with a mixture of meat, vegetables or cheese, they originated in … Read more