Make delicious Caribbean seafood curry the right way with Jamaican curry powder

A skillet full of Caribbean shrimp curry garnished with cilantro and a wooden spoon resting on the edge.

A Caribbean seafood curry is the perfect match of earthy spice, creamy sauce and delicate seafood. But what’s different about a Caribbean curry that makes it work so well? To understand what makes a Caribbean curry tick, I reviewed 16 recipes for Caribbean seafood curry. They were a mixture of Trinidad kingfish curry, Jamaican fish … Read more

Making delicious Lebanese cheese fatayer with easy to find cheese and store-bought dough.

Closeup of 2 open and 2 closed Lebanese cheese fatayer (feta cheese and parsley in a pastry crust) on a black plate.

Don’t be put off making Lebanese cheese fatayer by the hard-to-find cheese and time-consuming homemade dough. Easily accessible alternatives can work deliciously too. What is a fatayer? A fatayer is like an open savoury pie or turnover. Made with a bread-like dough, and filled with a mixture of meat, vegetables or cheese, they originated in … Read more

Discover what’s in a spicy homemade lime pickle from Goa, Kerala, Sri Lanka & more

Top down view of a glass bowl full of pickled limes surrounded by quarter-cut limes.

A lime pickle is one of those classic side dishes that you’ll find served with a curry at Indian restaurants all over the world. It’s tart, spicy and delicious. And it’s not that hard to make at home. But for something that seems kinda simple, there’s a lot of regional and individual variation in recipes. … Read more